This one I had fun with. I was trying to play around with black eye shadow and this was be outcome. I actually really loved this look!

I used Kat Von D's shade and light palette and NYX's glam luxe liner. I also used Anastasia Beverly Hill's glow kit.

Steph xoxo


Green glitter 

Another throw back look! 

This was my first time using the NYX pigments and I loved them! (I bought every shade of them after this lol). I also used the Kat Von D shade and light palette and ink liner, as well as Urban Decay Perversion mascara and Anastasia Beverly Hill glow kit and brow gel. 

Steph xoxo

Purple princess

I love working with purples and this was a fun one to create. 

My eyebrows are a bit of a mess but I was (and still am) trying to let them grow out (and recover from over plucking lol). 

If you want to see any more old and recent looks, check out my instagram. It’s on the side of my blog (stephtriesmakeup). 

**Update on the instagram issue: Some of my posts are now showing up in tags (9/76, which sucks). My recent ones are coming up however they appear and disappear randomly. Instagram definitely has some bug – I’ve reported it so many times lol. I’m going to post both there (some new looks) and here (both new and old looks). 

Steph xoxo

Bronze glam 

This is one of my favorites – I love how the glitter came out. 

I used Huda Beauty’a rose gold palette, Kat Von D’s ink liner, and Urban Decay’s perversion mascara. I find that the rose gold palette is a little hard to blend sometimes but the colors are gorgeous. 

Steph xoxo 

Bubble gum 

This look is older too (I’ll be posting a lot of my older looks) and I had a lot of fun with it! 

I used NYX’s ultimate brights palette, Urban Decay eyeshadow and perversion mascara, Kat Von D’s ink liner in trooper, and Anastasia Beverly Hill’s glow kit. I really love how the shadow came out. 

Steph xoxo


Posting an older look I did back in May 🙂 

I did this eye a while ago using my NYX Avant Pop palette and the NYX liquid crystal liners. I also used Kat Von D’s ink liner in trooper as well as Urban Decay’s perversion mascara. 

Steph xoxo 

New Direction 

Hey everyone! Sorry for my absence work had been insane. 

As I’ve said in previous blog posts I’ve had issues with instagram shadow banning me for no reason (have used different tags, posted at different times, and have never used bots). Well today all of my pictures are gone from the hashtags (just like last time). I’m frustrated because I’m almost at 2k followers and it sucks that instagram did this now. 

I’m going to try to lay off instagram for a bit (I wish there was a better app to use to post makeup photos) however I figured I’d start posting my make up photos, reviews, and other goodies on my blog. My fiancé and I also want to start doing YouTube videos so that may be coming up soon ❤️

So stay tuned for some makeup! Some oldies and newbies ❤️

Steph xoxo