New Direction 

Hey everyone! Sorry for my absence work had been insane. 

As I’ve said in previous blog posts I’ve had issues with instagram shadow banning me for no reason (have used different tags, posted at different times, and have never used bots). Well today all of my pictures are gone from the hashtags (just like last time). I’m frustrated because I’m almost at 2k followers and it sucks that instagram did this now. 

I’m going to try to lay off instagram for a bit (I wish there was a better app to use to post makeup photos) however I figured I’d start posting my make up photos, reviews, and other goodies on my blog. My fiancé and I also want to start doing YouTube videos so that may be coming up soon ❤️

So stay tuned for some makeup! Some oldies and newbies ❤️

Steph xoxo


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