BeautyBlogger Instagram issues (Help!)

I’m not a huge fan of Instagram, if there were a better photo sharing app I would use it. In late April I created an Instagram to share my make up (and follow other make up blogs) – I started to get some followers (got up to 100 by the end of it) and was pretty active on the account (liking and following). My account then was broken – none of my posts appeared in the tags and nothing I did really fixed it.

I then deleted that account and created a new one (stephtriesmakeup – this was about 2 1/2 weeks ago). A similar thing seems to be happening on this account – some (not all) of my photos do not appear in tags at all (no explanation there – I checked and none of my hashtags are broken) and I’ve noticed that once I hit a certain amount of likes (around 40 – this is a really small account) my photos vanish from tags. I’m posting a normal amount (about once a day) and not going on any sort of massive liking/following sprees. I also sometimes do not even use the app – this week I didn’t use the app for about 4 days (busy at work).

I’m mainly writing this post to see if anyone else has had this problem and what they did to fix it. It’s a little frustrating to have photos missing from tags, mainly because I’m a really small blog (and Instagram account) so I’m missing out on that exposure. Anyone who has been through a similar thing and has any suggestions (yes, I’ve rage shaked and reported it countless times – think they’ve banned me from the rage shake πŸ˜‰ ) I’d be happy to hear them in the comments πŸ™‚

Steph xoxo




3 thoughts on “BeautyBlogger Instagram issues (Help!)

  1. Hey I think what is happening is “shadow banning”! I think Instagrams alogorithm is confused and probably thinks your content is spam. It then removes it from the tag pages! I think you should vary the type of tags you use because I heard using the same type of tags alerts the system and it think it’s spam so it removes it. I hope I helped! Instagram is so weird these days πŸ™„

    Pearl ||


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