Review: Nyx Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette ‑ Brights

Hey all! Sorry for my absence, with finals and new challenges at my job I didn’t have as much time to write a new blog post. But I’m back!

Over the past few weeks I picked up a few eye shadow palettes and one of them was the Nyx Ultimate Shadow Palette – Brights. I have so many neutral tone palettes I felt that I needed at least one bright palette in my arsenal. The palette comes with 16 shadows of all different shades of pinks, purples, greens, blues, and yellows. Theres a few shimmer shades in there as well as matte shades. The shimmer shades aren’t *too* shimmery – just a light shimmer, which I like. It runs for $17.99 at Ulta (which seems reasonable given how many different eyeshadows you are getting).

The palette swatches beautifully. The eyeshadows are so rich and pigmented – I liked Nyx before but this made me like the brand even more.  The packaging is a little…difficult. I had some issue opening it (and still do). I do wish that the colors had names (or even numbers) to identify them – it’s difficult to remember how I created a look because there are no names or numbers to identify the different shades.


I did two different looks with this eyeshadow palette. The first looks I used two of the pink shades and the shimmery red shade to create. I felt that the colors (for my ability level) blended out really nicely and weren’t difficult to use. There was very limited fall out as well.


The second look I went for a rainbow look. I used the yellow shade, two of the orange shades, a pink shade, and the purple shade to create this look. Again, the colors blended really well (for my ability level) and there was very limited fall out. This is my favorite out of the two looks (I absolutely love how this came out).

IMG_0055 (1)

Overall, for the price point and the quality I think this palette is a steal. I can see why it has such a high rating on – if you’re looking for a good bright eyeshadow palette at an affordable price I would recommend this one whole heartedly.

Steph xoxo



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