Oo Shiny!

Hey all, hope your week is going well!

I’m a huge make up lover but only as of recently – when I was in a not so healthy relationship I stopped wearing makeup because he didn’t like “made up” girls. However after healing and moving past those experiences I’ve rediscovered my love of make up. It’s amazing how much you can do with make up and what beautiful looks you can create with a few eye shadows.

The highlighter trend has been huge lately and admittedly I have never worn a highlighter before. I saw how gorgeous highlighter looked on most people but couldn’t find one that really made me go “Wow!”. However, I saw the Anastasia Beverly x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit collaboration on Instagram and immediately wanted to go to Sephora and get it. The colors in the pictures were absolutely beautiful – bright pinks and rich golden colors – and even if I decided I didn’t like the look of highlighter on me the colors looked beautiful enough to be used for eyeshadow.

I dragged Dan to Sephora to pick it up and I was incredibly excited for it.

The colors are really pretty – My favorite is Forever Lit – it really pops in the light.

Given that I’m new to highlighter I’m learning (lots of youtube tutorials) how to properly apply it to my face however I am so excited. I’ve already tried out Forever Lit and Kitty Kat – I love how the highlighters give a little more dimension to my make up looks. I thought they would be a too glittery but not at all. These colors are awesome.

Have any of you tried this Glow Kit out? What do you all think of it?

Hope the rest of your week goes well! I may post another time this week with a quick update on my life (or something else random).

Steph xoxo


One thought on “Oo Shiny!

  1. Since my skin is very oily I have also never worn highlighter as much but now I do just a little touch that’s all. But I love the look of them the shimmery glittery powders I love to look at them and collect them hehehe is it weird? I don’t know but I do like to collect them. 🙂


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